Isa Goksu
June 10 2014

Migrating the Blog

It's been a while I haven't written a single post. Couple days ago, I received some emails concerning my WordPress blog.

Turns out my hosting provider actually shut down any WordPress blogs they have due to some security concerns. This reminded me how insecure a simple blog engine could be even though they have millions of users. After some careful thinking, I decided to migrate my ex-blog to a staticaly generated new blog.

There are many alternative tools for static site generation. I personally evaluated couple of them; Jeykll, Middleman, Docpad to be more precise.. Honestly speaking they are all pretty powerful tools. However, I prefer simplicity over anything. So I went for Docpad for my blog.

You can find my blog source code on my GitHub account. Briefly, following are the plugins I've used for a tech heavy blog:

You can shoot me an email or contact me through my Twitter handle if you have any more questions.

  1. https://www.wordpress.org
  2. http://en.wordpress.com/stats/
  3. http://staticsitegenerators.net/
  4. http://jekyllrb.com/
  5. http://middlemanapp.com/
  6. http://docpad.org
  7. http://github.com/isa
  8. http://twitter.com/IsaGoksu